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Ironman Arizona 2017 Race Report AF

CFE training logs, nutrition strategy, split times, timelines, gear, resources, and fun with graphs – from my second Ironman triathlon.

I’m dumping everything from IMAZ 2017 into this one epic and convenient blog post.

But if you only have 30 seconds, here’s the abstract:

I finished IMAZ 2017 in 13:12:10, which is 18 minutes and 8 seconds faster than my first Ironman triathlon four years ago (see IMAZ 2013 Race Report). I followed a CrossFit Endurance (CFE) training plan with significantly fewer workouts than my 2013 CFE Ironman Plan, and I focused my training plan mostly on running. As you might expect, my bike and swim were slower this year, but I cut my marathon time by more than 45 minutes. All in all, a great day.

OK, go put out whatever fire you need to put out right now, and come back when you have some time to dig into the gold mine of CFE Ironman data, insights and resources I painstakingly lay out for you below, including:

  • Graphs on graphs on graphs comparing 2017 to 2013 by the numbers
  • My gear, and the stuff I used in special needs bags
  • A new nutrition strategy that avoided the GI issues that slowed me down last year
  • Complete training logs from 10 months of CFE Ironman workouts
  • Two great resources: a coach that made me a better swimmer, and a book that made me a better runner
  • OK, that’s enough bullet points for now, many more to come

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The Back Issue

In my last post I mentioned a couple worrisome injuries that have been hampering my CFE Ironman training plan thus far: my foot and my back.

Good news: the foot’s gotten better.

Bad news: the back’s gotten worse.

You can read all about my foot issues in Foot Fight and Foot Fight 2.

In this post we’ll dig into my back.

I’ll explain the symptoms, the root problems, the causes and the fixes.

NB: I’m officially old.

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CFE Ironman Plan 2.0

Road map and training strategy for Ironman Arizona 2017

Sideline Reporter: You just finished your masters and spent the last two years killing yourself in business school – what’ll you do now?

Me: I dunno, work out?


[Confetti falls amidst laser light show, fireworks and white people dabbing]

In 2016 I aimed to get back into endurance sports – hard – and committed to complete my first ultramarathon in December of that year.

I laid out my Ultimate Ultra Plan and felt good to go for 50 miles. Then, after a routine 20-mile training trail run, my left foot developed a disturbing bruise on the inside arch.

With my history of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis (PTT), I decided to act like a grown-up and avoid escalating a mild bruise into another major injury.

I backed out of the 50-miler and prioritized starting 2017 as healthy as possible to gear up for the next big race:

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