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Thank you card: Lavaman

One of the first things you’re taught in life is to say, “Please” and “Thank You.” But as you get older, I think you realize that those words can carry various weight and convey a range of meanings.

And sometimes, just saying “Please” and “Thank You” isn’t enough. You need to show it. Continue reading

Lavaman: 2:44:09

It’s tough not to get nervous and panic a bit when you’re crammed in the water, among hundreds of other triathletes, waiting anxiously for the gunshot to start the race.

The challenge ahead appeared so daunting. And considering the months of training; the late nights and early mornings; and all the people who helped me get to that point, the pressure to perform quickly built up. Continue reading

Vitals the day before

I’m on the patio, listening to the birds, gazing at the Pacific Ocean through a thin layer of rustling palm trees. The race starts in less than 12 hours and at this moment I’m feeling calm, confident and incredibly lucky to be here, doing what I’m doing.

The island has been kind thus far. Continue reading

Video: A ride around Camelback Mountain

This weekend most of our team, coaches and captains were either running in the Ragnar Relay Del Sol or volunteering at various spots along the way. This meant that our usual Saturday-morning team ride was canceled. But considering I need more practice riding than I do running, I used the first couple hours of my Sunday morning for a ride around Camelback Mountain. It’s one of my favorite routes because it’s close to home and features a nice mix of canals, mountains, residential and city scenery. Also, most of the 28-mile route is along bike paths and off of busy streets.