Ironman Boulder or Bust

“It’s undeniable that completing an IRONMAN race is a huge challenge. But it’s a challenge that close to 100,000 people accomplished in 2013. This means that with smart training and reasonable goals, it’s attainable. I, for one, cannot wait to toe the line again.”
Alison Patillo

For the past few months, I’ve watched and listened in envy as friends of mine have trained for and competed in half and full Ironman races. Hearing their struggles of injuries and exhaustion mixed with the excitement of hitting new milestones has left me first in awe of their perseverance and, second, in complete thirst to get back in the game.

But, Cecily, didn’t you recently write about enjoying those oysters and not letting a stupid race define your existence? Guilty. Still important. However, what if the timing were right and another race on the horizon were manageable? What if all the pieces fell together?

“Pay close attention to where your mind wanders in the shower. Your natural wanderings are your compass to what’s truly interesting to you.”


My Google search history alone is a testament to my efforts of somehow, some way, making sense of another race sooner than later. Or maybe what would be more convincing are the countless post-it notes flooding my purse, mapping out my timeline for the next year and where an Ironman could possibly fit in.

Just as the inaugural Ironman Boulder drew closer this past weekend, the Ironman Gods spoke to me: A 24-hour discounted offer for registration in the Boulder Tri Series was announced, including the Boulder Peak Olympic distance, Boulder 70.3 and Ironman Boulder.

There was no ignoring fate. I had to do it. And I did.


I went out to Boulder two days later to catch the race and soak up the excitement. I watched a couple friends completely crush it out there, cheered on strangers as they made it through the run, reminisced on my own race day and fully grasped the heaviness of the next year’s undertaking I just willing signed up for.

This year will be different. I’ve already proven to myself that I can complete an Ironman. I know what it takes and now I’m facing a different kind of pressure. Can I complete two? Can I finish stronger? Am I ready for another year of sacrifices?

There’s no denying that the break has been nice and I’ve enjoyed soaking up Colorado summer sans the training routine, but I’ve also dearly missed the structure. Life will eventually get too busy to train for these things regularly, but I’ll enjoy it until that time comes.

It’s time to dust the bike off and hit the road again – I’ll see you next year, Boulder!


-Live Every Day-

  • Emily Stuart

    so excited for you, cecily! Thanks for being a huge inspiration for me in my little journey! :)

    • Cecily

      Thanks, Em! Can’t wait to see you girls cross the finish line in a few short weeks!