Thank you card: Lavaman

One of the first things you’re taught in life is to say, “Please” and “Thank You.” But as you get older, I think you realize that those words can carry various weight and convey a range of meanings.

And sometimes, just saying “Please” and “Thank You” isn’t enough. You need to show it.

A lot of people helped make Tri for Les Lavaman a huge success. And even though I shot off emails, tweets, status updates, blog posts and phone calls to show my appreciation, now that it’s over, they deserve another strong thank you to wrap it all up.

So I designed this card and wrote thank you notes to everyone who donated, bought t-shirts, purchased body ads, and coached, supported and otherwise helped me along the way.

Getting these designed, printed, written and mailed took a while, but just like my Tri for Les Bluewater thank you cards, I had fun with the process – especially crafting the messages.

Communicating via pen and paper was a nice reprieve from our digital-dominated lives and I hope it showed how much I appreciate all of the support.

Thank you, again.